Our mission is to train, encourage, and disciple others to support and serve orphans and caregivers with spiritual, financial, medical, and educational resources.

We Rescue and House

We work with children who have been abused and abandoned in a variety of situations.  Many of the children have suffered from physical or sexual abuse that has left them to fend for themselves in harsh situations. 

We Help Heal

We provide resources to help these children heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our resources include the provision of medical and dental care, psychological and trauma recovery counseling, and exposure to the Bible coupled with loving examples of its applications.

We Educate

We assist in the provision of primary, secondary, and post secondary education and training.

We Develop Disciples for Cycles of Impact

We make life transferring connections with the children exposing them to the Christ in us, while challenging them to do the same in their lives. 

We begin in Africa and reach for the uttermost parts

Our hearts were first challenged in Africa, but we recognize a call to help as many as we can wherever we can.